What we’ve achieved

Thanks to the generous support from individuals and our corporate partners we’ve been able to make a huge impact for those affected by mental health conditions. Here are some of the projects we’re particularly proud of.

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Information guides

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Partnership Projects

Get The Inside Out

TV ad run with Lloyds Banking Group on Channel 4 aimed to encourage more people to feel comfortable talking about their mental health to make it easier to offer the right support. The campaign featured celebrities, colleagues and members of the public talking about misconceptions in mental health.

On The Inside

Printed information guides to help people identify signs and symptoms of mental health conditions and where to seek help. Sent out to universities and GP surgeries along with guidance on how to signpost to the information. A digital version was also produced including real-life stories and a quiz to debunk common myths around mental health.

Mental Health and Money Advice

The UK’s first advice line and website helping thousands of people every year who are experiencing difficulties with both their mental health and money. 4 million people in the UK have both mental health and money problems, and a further 4 million are at risk because they’re having financial difficulties.

Support Groups

We have improved existing support groups as well as opening 40 new ones across the country. Support groups are volunteer-led centres for those experiencing mental health problems. They provide a safe space for people to learn new skills, meet new people and talk about their experiences without discrimination.

Partner with us

Our partnerships team are on hand to help you through your journey. Call 0207 840 3038 or email partnerships@mentalhealth-uk.org today.