How can you support us?

We already help thousands of people every year with advice, information and support, but we want to do so much more. You can help us do this. However you choose to support Mental Health UK, you will help us make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Nominate us for Charity of the Year

By choosing us to be your company’s charity of the year we will work closely with you to ensure you achieve your goals, however big or small. Together we will deliver fundraising activities and strengthen mental health awareness for your colleagues and customers.

Payroll giving

Once payroll giving is set up within your business, staff can choose to make regular automatic donations through their pay, tax-free. All you need to do is sign up, no bank details required or long forms to fill in. It’s an effortless way for colleagues to help us support more people affected by mental health problems all over the UK.

Engage your customers with mental health

You can change lives and challenge stigma by starting the conversation about mental health with your customers, clients or local community. We can support you with concepts and marketing messaging to help you get the right words out to the world, whatever your project might be.

Take part in events

There are so many ways to fundraise for Mental Health UK, and we’ve got everything you need to make it happen. Whether you want to walk 5k or run a triathlon, we can support your fundraising plans. Visit our events page to see what you can get involved with or get in touch if you want to do something new.

Partner with us

Our partnerships team are on hand to help you through your journey. Call 0207 840 3038 or email today.



We are partnering with PureGym in 2019 to help them deliver a 7-day non-stop national relay challenge highlighting the link between physical and mental health and bringing their entire team together.
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Funding our services

It’s only with your support that we can continue to help those experiencing poor mental health in the UK. If you choose to fund our existing work, we can continue to improve and expand our services.

Funding new projects

New projects can allow us to reach even more people living with poor mental health. If you have an idea you would like to fund, we may be able to bring it to life. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you make it happen.