Mental Health & Money Advice Service

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50% of people in debt experience mental health problems.  It’s also likely that one in five people with mental health problems also have money problems.

This correlation can also be cyclical, with financial and metal wellbeing going hand in hand. The stress of money worries can have a significant bearing on a person’s mental health; and poor mental health can be associated unwise financial behaviours or difficulty in navigating how to best manage any debts.

Through our work we found that there were lots of organisations out there who support money problems or mental health problems, however there was no service available to address this combined need. Advice lines are also often stretched with demand for support often outstripping resource.

So we developed the Mental Health and Money Advice Service

– the UK’ first service offering support for mental health and money worries. Consisting of a website and advice phone line offering casework, we offer clients information and casework where needed. Our Advisors work with clients over time, and we don’t give up until we find the a positive solution for our clients.


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